Guarantees for dedicated credits financing of investments by public beneficiaries of the National Rural Development Programme (PNDR)


Pursuant to Law no. 218/2005, the Rural Credit Guarantee Fund (FGCR) may provide guarantees in favour of banks and other financing institutions that have entered into Cooperation Agreements with the Fund, in order to secure the loans or other forms of financing they grant to the public beneficiaries of funds from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) or to similar entities for implementing their investment projects funder under the PNDR.

The FGCR guarantee can cover up to 100 % of the financing amount.

The maximum value of the FGCR guarantee is EUR 2.5 million or the equivalent in RON.

The Fund has developed simplified guarantee provision mechanisms, so that obtaining the guarantee should not hinder the financing process.

  • Communes, towns, cities
  • Intercommunity Development Associations (IDAs)
  • Local Action Groups (LAGs)
  • Irrigation Water Users’ Associations/Organisations (IWUAs)
  • Cultural establishments and religious structures
  • Research and development stations/facilities/institutes
  • Administrators of publicly-owned state forests
  • Other PNDR beneficiaries and similar entities that receive 100 % non-reimbursable grants.
  • A financing agreement signed with AFIR, with a support intensity of 100 %;
  • The maximum value of the Fund’s loans and guarantee, where the client applies for a 100 % guarantee of such loans, must not exceed the eligible and non-eligible expenses detailed in the indicative budget of the project.


Additionally, for beneficiaries other than communes, towns or cities

  • The beneficiary must issue a promissory note without protest and payable at sight in favour of the bank, with a value equal to the FGCR guarantee;
  • The beneficiary must not engage in direct income-earning activities throughout the entire lending period (except for communes, towns and cities)

      or, for those beneficiaries who engage in direct income-earning activities:

  • They must qualify as SMEs;
  • They must not be in financial distress.

*The loan agreement can be signed before applying for the FGCR guarantee, subject to obtaining the guarantee from the Fund

The guarantee fee is 1 % per year and applies to the value of the FGCR guarantee.

  • The guarantee application (a document reserved to the bank);
  • The financing agreement signed with AFIR;
  • Declaration of acceptance of the FGCR policy on the processing of personal data, signed by the mayor/legal representative (original); Download
  • Self-declaration by the beneficiary’s legal representative, stating that the entity he represents is not engaged in direct income-earning activities throughout the entire period of PNDR financing (original, where appropriate); Download

or, as appropriate:

  • A declaration on not being “in distress” (original, where appropriate)
    • In simplified form – for entities that are not required by law to prepare a balance sheet or for enterprises established for less than three years; Download
    • Complete form – for entities that are required by law to prepare balance sheets and that are established for more than three years; Download
  • A declaration on qualifying as an SME (original, where appropriate). Download